The Power of Purpose is a national leader in developing best-of-breed nonprofit corporations that serve people and communities. With nonprofit webinars and other resources, we train people and entities to launch and grow nonprofit businesses that make a difference. The Power of Purpose (POP) helps people develop, grow and fund nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid businesses that bring passion, purpose and transformation to people, communities and the world.

When people act from the power of their purpose,
incredible things can take root, blossom and grow;

things that bring new ideas and solutions to chronic challenges. In short, strong purpose often yields transformative and innovative change where it is most needed.

Everyone has a purpose; a force that drives them forward in the face of adversity, that guides them through challenge and lifts them beyond the limits that have always held them back.

We help people discover, develop and live from the place of passionate purpose. We give birth and sustenance to new, world-changing ideas — ideas that become life-affirming, community-empowering businesses, service organizations and movements that touch all of our lives in a positive way.

We help people act “on purpose” with nonprofit consulting services to unleash their creative, intellectual and spiritual powers and focus them on positive, ambitious, often revolutionary change.
Let’s work together to generate a movement of 10,000 nonprofits that can change lives, heal communities, empower those who are dedicating their lives to service and raise the country to new heights. Movements are about momentum. Momentum is fueled with passion and purpose. We are already working with amazing people all over the country whose passion and purpose is building sober houses, providing financial literacy training, empowering young people to believe in themselves and their dreams, supporting and serving our veterans who have given so much and many more projects that create hope, prosperity, and wellness.

We’re blessed and excited to be at the center of this movement and we welcome you to join with us as we work together to reshape the fabric of America. We’ll do it with the Power of Purpose, the Power of Passion and You!

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