15 Nonprofits to Follow on Twitter

Here are 15 Nonprofits, Large and Small, to Follow on Twitter   As the founder of a new nonprofit, one of your biggest challenges is getting the word out about who you are and what you do. Social media, done right, is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to generate interest in your nonprofit. Twitter […]

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5 Great Blogs for Nonprofits

Check out these awesome blogs for nonprofit success strategies   You see a need and have an idea about how to meet it, but you’re new at this whole endeavor of starting a nonprofit. To learn plenty on how to get started and how to succeed, simply search keywords like “nonprofit” to find a multitude […]

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5 Ways to Raise Awareness For Your Nonprofit

Retailers know that if customers can’t see it, they won’t buy it. Similarly, nonprofits without an audience don’t recruit supporters and volunteers, don’t find donors or win grants. Ultimately, invisible nonprofits don’t benefit anyone because no one knows what they do. Building awareness for your nonprofit simply means building brand recognition. You can be fancy […]

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International Donations for Nonprofits

How to Facilitate International Donations to Boost Your Nonprofit   Increasingly, international donors from emerging economies are considering U.S. nonprofits with missions that match their interests: poverty relief, global warming/climate change, sustainability. In Asia alone, experts expect the number of millionaires to surpass numbers for their U.S. counterparts. As a result, American NPOs are beginning to […]

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits Part 2

How to Develope Your Nonprofit Content Marketing Plan   Strategic content marketing is critical to any organization’s success, nonprofit or for-profit because they map your goals and the ways you’ll attain them. They also get a lot of lip service: create ‘em and forget ‘em. Not unusually, institutions develop strategic plans because they seem to […]

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits Part 1

Content Marketing: Every Nonprofit Organization Should Have a Written Plan   Content marketing has become an essential element of any well-rounded business and marketing plan, and nonprofit organizations are not exempt from the rule. However, social media, e-newsletters, email blasts and drip campaigns, blogs, white papers, articles, and websites can create a tremendous drain on […]

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Nonprofit Government Grants & Contracts Part 2

5 Best Practices in Navigating Government Grants and Contracts   In its 2013 mandate, the Office of Management and Budgets mandated all federal agencies eliminate conflicting and duplicative guidelines to provide non-federal entities with predictable, transparent and consistent accountability standards. Agencies are to:   Focus on performance rather than compliance and assist nonprofits in understanding […]

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