Peer to Peer Campaigns for Nonprofits

Peer to Peer Campaigns for Nonprofits

July 28, 2016 Lynette Garet Fundraising 0 Comment

Peer-to-Peer Nonprofit Fundraising: Six tips to make it happen


Done correctly, peer-to-peer campaigns are hard to beat for cost-effective fundraising because they build on existing relationships between nonprofit supporters and their circles of family and friends. It provides other benefits as well:


P2P campaigns engage your donor base and provide for its organic growth.


Each year, the American Cancer Society relies on and rallies its volunteer corps of cancer survivors, their family and friends, and the family and friends of those who lost their battles with cancer. Each team sets individual and team goals and through their participation in Relay for Life, they raise millions of dollars for cancer research in a pure peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Their secret for success is no secret and as with any well-conceived campaign, you can reproduce the same results for your nonprofit.


How to help supporters achieve success


Promote branded campaign – Research shows campaigns featuring nonprofit logos receive up to five times more in donations, on average $15,000. People will give more readily to a known cause and to people they know.


Encourage realistic goals – Ask supporters to set targets they can reach, not only a dollar amount but also goals for new donors for each team and team member. Suggest they make a list of potential donors or new team members to recruit for the coming campaign.


Support your supporters – Host periodic Tweet Chat or Google Hangout sessions to answer questions and share progress. A series of email and newsletter communications, with images, content and impact story ideas, is critical for success; it can make all the difference in their own communications with donors and team members.


Provide communication tools – Help teams understand how to use the tools they have available. Include step-by-step how-tos, quick tips and best practices, as well as examples of appropriately scripted pitches for a variety of media. Encourage supporters to use social media, email and USPS to spread their message and make it easy for them to share. Prepare widgets for use on team and individual pages or stickers for snail mail.


Incorporate mobile access – Mobile tools are more than twice as effective as non-mobile tools at improving response rates. Almost everyone in America has a smartphone; take advantage of that fact and make it easier to get in touch and stay in touch.


Finish in style – You have a goal, you have a campaign, you have the participation, where’s it all going? To the finish line, of course, with as much commotion and pizzazz as you can muster. Whether and why the goals have been met are now a matter for the debrief sessions; the closing event of your peer-to-peer campaign is the payoff for your supporters. It is all about supporter recognition; the teams found the donors and did a yeoman’s job for you. If you want them to come back next year (and why wouldn’t you?), tell them in no uncertain terms that you could not have done it without them.


A peer-to-peer campaign the size of the ACS’ Relay for Life is no easy task. Whatever the scale: people give money to people they know and for the causes those people support. Whatever the duration—days, weeks, months—it takes careful planning and preparation from the top down.

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