How E-Newsletters Boost Donations

How E-Newsletters Boost Donations

August 4, 2016 Lynette Garet Fundraising 0 Comment

Nonprofit newsletters: How they boost donations


Think about it: A nonprofit that fails to engage potential and existing supporters fails to increase donations—it is that simple. Cleverly designed campaigns and appeals that do not inspire and capture a donor’s imagination are doomed to failure.


Using your ESP effectively

If Outlook is your email service provider of choice to deliver newsletters as an attached PDF newsletter, you have a limited and dated delivery method that doesn’t provide you with analytical tools for readership and response data and requires readers to multiple clicks to download or access your newsletter. Consider these versatile, tool-packed ESPs:


  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Email Now, powered by Emma


An effective ESP manages bounces, subscriptions, unsubscribes, collects and analyzes statistics, creates links to your website and complies with CAN-SPAM requirements, all within the newsletter delivery system.


Content, content, content

Good newsletters inspire donors, supporters and prospects to support your mission, whether through donations or volunteerism. They are complete standalone email messages that:


  • Offers personalized messaging—Readers know your newsletter is one-size-fits-all, but just the insertion of “Hi, Jon, Here’s your copy of ACME Org’s newsletter. Check out our story on…,” makes an important difference; it addresses them as individuals.
  • Is focused, brief and linked—Powerful headlines and short copy with strong hooks that links back to your website to “learn more” are more likely to draw in readers than a wall of words.
  • Directs readers to the next step—Always, always include a call to action at the top of the newsletter, whether it’s “Donate now” or “Sign up for….”
  • Fits preview panes—Most people preview their emails first. This is when those headlines, images and hooks will entice them to open the newsletter email.
  • Accommodates mobile applications—Again, most folks use smartphones and wearable tech to stay connected and sort their email, usually while waiting, mobile apps make it easy to access and share your newsletter.


Instead of opening with just how much you need donations to meet your next campaign objective, start with stories that highlight successful and personal outcomes; focus on individuals for maximum impact. The goal is to show, not tell, potential donors what their donation will do and to illustrate your success for current donors and supporters.


Reap the benefits

A well-designed and well-implemented e-newsletter is a cost-effective tool that can


  • Boost public awareness of your mission
  • Increase your supporters’ involvement
  • Save countless staff hours
  • Provide a solid return on investment


Not only will your newsletter boost your fundraising, together with your ESP, you will also build closer relationships with donors while gathering important data to hone your focus further.

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