Ep #3: Why For-profits Need Nonprofits and Vice Versa with Tina Dietz

Ep #3: Why For-profits Need Nonprofits and Vice Versa with Tina Dietz

May 4, 2018 service@cashflowpodcasting.com Podcast 0 Comment

Tina Dietz jumps into the lead this episode to bring her for-profit experience into the mix and interview Sherry and Derek on how for-profits and nonprofits work together. When the two meet and work together correctly, a huge impact can be made. From cause marketing to point of sale and transactional campaigns, you’ll learn many ways to benefit from non-profit and for profit partnerships.

You’ll learn all about cause marketing and how for profits and nonprofits can boost their revenue and maximize their impact through various strategies. The trio discusses how consumers are placing their values, where they place their money and how this ties in with and benefits nonprofit causes immensely. You’ll discover how to get started with cause marketing and hear many examples of how funding works, how alliances work and how businesses can have both a nonprofit function, and a for profit function at the same time.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Sherry and Tina met and decided to start a podcast.
  • The links between for-profits and nonprofits.
  • The importance of building a powerful nonprofit corporation.
  • How bringing in the for-profits to work with nonprofits brought them to the next level.
  • What cause marketing is and why it’s a top business strategy now.
  • All about funding pathways and what is available for nonprofit corporations.
  • How people are aligning their values with where they put their money and why that is important in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors.
  • Examples of different ways companies can align with nonprofits or have their own nonprofit in successful and productive ways.
  • How to get started in cause marketing.
  • What a point of sale campaigns and transactional campaigns are and how to utilize them to benefit your nonprofit.

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We don’t teach eggshell charities, it’s a powerful corporation. - @sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet In corporate America, they now know cause marketing – aligning with the cause, aligning with the nonprofit is a smart business decision. -@sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet Don’t just be the for profit. We’re going to show you how you can work your for profit and nonprofit together. -@sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet

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