Ep #2: Revealing the Truth Behind Myths of Nonprofit Corporations

Ep #2: Revealing the Truth Behind Myths of Nonprofit Corporations

May 4, 2018 service@cashflowpodcasting.com Podcast 0 Comment

There are so many misleading myths surrounding nonprofits that regularly keep people from diving into this growing and thriving sector of the economy. In this episode, Sherry puts on her myth busting hat and blows the most common myths out of the water. She shares some intriguing numbers, statistics and cases that prove that nonprofits are more powerful, impactful and accessible than ever.

Learn why nonprofits are not only easy and quick to set up and get started, but also learn how to set one up step-by-step. Sherry also drops some truth bombs about government involvement in nonprofits as well as the ability for nonprofits to actually make a profit and thrive as businesses. Finally, she emphasizes how much impact nonprofits have on the economy and our communities… and some of what she has to say may surprise you.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why nonprofits are NOT difficult to set up.
  • How much time and money it REALLY takes to set up a nonprofit.
  • Why nonprofits do NOT have even close to as much government involvement as for-profit corporations.
  • How nonprofits make a profit and why they should always be making a profit in order to make a bigger impact.
  • Why nonprofits CAN charge for their services.
  • The difference between lobbying and educating and how nonprofits can empower people and communities through this.
  • Why a nonprofit’s budget does NOT need to be balanced and how that works.
  • How the nonprofit sector is extremely important economically and growing massively.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

In most states, you’ll be a nonprofit corporation within a week. Some states it’s automatically because they’re filing online now. - @sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet Out of 30-some years of leading a nonprofit, I’ve had less IRS government involvement than 5 years of a for-profit corporation. -@sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet Our country is rooted in nonprofit corporations. That’s why Forbes is leading in magazine covers saying why every business should be run like a nonprofit. -@sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet

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