Ep #1: The Six Steps to Launch and Grow a Non-Profit

Ep #1: The Six Steps to Launch and Grow a Non-Profit

May 4, 2018 Derek Watson Podcast 0 Comment

Strap in and get ready for an exciting first episode of the Purpose Power & Profit Podcast. Sherry Watson and Derek Watson start off with a bang by sharing Sherry’s incredible recovery story and how The Power of Purpose originally got started and turned into a powerful movement. Sherry emphasizes the importance of finding your purpose and switching your thinking to focus on what instead of why.

Derek and Sherry go on to talk about the six steps to launch and grow a non-profit and explain how they will go into these steps in detail over the next few shows. They lay a great foundation for a motivating and inspirational podcast that will be providing useful and actionable information to businesses of all kinds. The times are changing and a new kind of business is in town… and that is a business with a purpose – find out how to build that right here.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the business landscape has changed to favor mission and purpose driven companies.
  • Timing and how it effects what businesses are doing and how they are placing their focus.
  • The Forbes non-profit council and how that effects the business community.
  • The mission behind Power of Purpose and the journey that shaped it.
  • Sherry’s accident and how she got through it and found how to live a life of purpose.
  • The importance of finding your purpose.
  • Why you should focus on what instead of why.
  • The economic impact of disabilities and how they changed the world for the disabled community.
  • The Six Steps to launch and grow a non-profit.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Purpose is the reason for your journey guys, passion is the fire that lights your way. - @sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet There’s never been a better time for us all to join together and learn about the power of the non profit corporations and how you can live your purpose. -@sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet I can’t even explain the abundance (not just financial), the abundance in life overall when you’re living on purpose. -@sherrywatsongma Click To Tweet

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