Connections will Empower Your Nonprofit to Grow and Succeed

If a nonprofit is going to succeed, it will need a strategic marketing plan, as well as proper mission and business statements, teams of people ready to work, and the money to get things started – it also needs networks of people outside the organization to bolster. In the nonprofit world, connection is empowerment. It’s up to the organization to create and nurture these connections so that the nonprofit can reap the benefits that will allow it to achieve its goals.

Involve your network

Use your nonprofit strategic marketing plan to reach out to your own networks, and give people the opportunity to become involved with your new nonprofit organization (NPO). You never know who will come forward either as a donor or volunteer. Ask those who work on the board to do the same. There is no such thing as “too many” people when it comes to really empowering a NPO; there is always room for more help.

Smart marketing

Early on in your NPO venture, you need a nonprofit strategic marketing plan. Either identify someone within your core group of team members who can help market your organization, or hire someone on to do it for you. As with any nonprofit strategic marketing plan, you’ll need to make a name for yourself and get your NPO well known. This will help attract both donations and volunteers to your cause, connections which are vital to ensure success.

Social media

Never underestimate the power of 140 characters. Your NPO will need to carve a space for itself in social media circles, where great content translates to great shareability, and in return, great interest in your organization. Your marketing team should include a community manager, who will have the knowhow to properly leverage sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to empower your NPO through the huge audiences those can offer.

Public relations

A savvy public relations manager will help round out your team. Good public relations are a little trickier to handle than a social media campaign. Instead of a connection with a wide, but often anonymous, internet audience, public relations will help your NPO connect to the actual community it strives to serve. Of all the approaches, public relations within your own community, when done well, have the most empowering results of all.

Connections are an absolute necessity for a 501c3 to be able to achieve its nonprofit strategic marketing goals. They can attract more help to your cause and get the community at whole involved.

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