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American’s for Independent Living

Progam Completion: Incubator Student, upgrade to Total Success Year Founded: 2015
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Working to empower individuals and families by providing rehabilitation and housing so they can strive within the community.

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To provide decent, affordable, accessible, and universal design housing for veterans, persons with disabilities, and to provide affordable, supportive, transitional, workforce and housing.

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AMERICANS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING (AFIL) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization for the sole purpose to build or modify housing using the Universal Designed specifications for the thousands of men and women veterans that have suffered major traumatic injuries since post 9/11. The Founders of this successful non-profit organization are not veterans themselves but have had family members who serve for our country and have firsthand knowledge that it takes the rest of the American people to do GOOD by those who have given us our FREEDOM!

The two Founders have spent most of their lives in the construction industry. They enjoy what they do and most of all they enjoy helping others. Since post 9/11 they have seen and heard a lot of the stories out there about our service men and women struggling to get the help they most GREATLY DESERVE. Our men and women who put their lives on the line for us and come back with a major disability from war, deserve a home. These homes should fit their needs and means for them and their family to strive as independently in their community as the rest of us do.

This country has a lot of other individuals that suffer major illnesses or have had a major accident that stops them from living an independent life. The founders feel compelled to do all they can to help as many of these individuals and their families as they can! Life always presents different challenges and for some, they are a lot worse. A majority of these families can’t afford the cost of modifying or building a home that will meet their needs.

So, this is where we come into play! Our goal is to be able to shrink these cost down to a minimum or wipe them out completely with our home modification program. We the founders of this organization feel in our hearts that if every able individual in this country could help someone in need, either individually or through some organization by donating money, time or talent that this country would again be the, COUNTRY OF CHOICE throughout the world.

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