10 Great Nonprofit Websites and Why We LikeThem

10 Great Nonprofit Websites and Why We LikeThem

March 3, 2016 Lynette Garet Marketing 0 Comment

These 10 nonprofit websites leverage social media, design and marketing to drive visitors to action

Nonprofit websites have a unique challenge: they not only need to put forth their cause clearly and in a way that engages the visitor, but they need to also compel page visitor actions that result in donations and volunteer time for their causes. Here are 10 great nonprofit websites that use design, social media and smart marketing to translate clicks into fundraising dollars.

  1. Sesame Workshop: Using the universally beloved Muppets from Sesame Street, the Sesame Workshop performs childhood education outreach and programs worldwide. Their website reflects not only the wonderful work they do (check out the learning videos from all over the globe) but stays true to brand throughout, as in the case of the monster-fuzz colored world map.
  2. Freerice: This site satisfies two goals, while achieving them through a game-based rewards system. One, users are actively learning while participating in the vocabulary game, and two, the direct result of game participation is donations of rice to needy people all over the world. Because users are engaged in the game and likely to return, this simple idea has generated nearly 100 billion grains of rice donated to those who need it most.
  3. Gates Foundation: Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation seeks to improve the problems of poverty, hunger, heath crises and global advocacy through innovation and collaboration. The site is cleanly laid out, with easy accessible information and ways to become involved, as well as a multitude of options for those looking to earn grants themselves.
  4. Every Last Drop: A UK site partnered with the nonprofit Waterwise, this site is a scrolling adventure in all the ways we waste water in our daily lives. It aims to teach conservation and water waste prevention with a fun and informative scrolling site which links to the main nonprofit’s page at the end.
  5. Amnesty International: Thanks to smart branding efforts, Amnesty International’s black and yellow color scheme and lit-candle logo are instantly recognizable as a force for good. The information they need to present to the site visitor is also clear and at the top of the page, making follow through easy for potential donators.
  6. The Nature Conservancy: Beautiful pictures immediately draw in the visitor, who will then find the who, what, when, where and why of The Nature Conservancy located across the top of the page. Calls-to-action are among the first things located one sees, meaning that whether a user is browsing on a computer or mobile device, they won’t have to go far to find out how to help, and the site is chock full of learning opportunities and information that will entice anyone to get involved.
  7. NPR: The National Public Radio site is easy to navigate on every device, provides entertainment and learning and is laid out in a stream-lined and easily navigable manner. Donation buttons are ever present but noninvasive, keeping the site’s feel uncluttered and reserved, while remaining enough in view that the link is easily findable.
  8. Not For Sale: Not For Sale’s goal of ending human trafficking is clearly and effectively stated immediately upon visiting the homepage. While the design remains somewhat minimalistic, it packs a punch with what elements it does offer, using infographics, pictures and links to inspire involvement.
  9. RU4Children: Visitors are immediately met with images of the children that RU4Children aims to help, evoking emotion through the raw – and as they point out, real – images. The scrolling page leads right into what they do and how visitors can help, as well as other ways to get involved via sharing on social media. The austere black and white color scheme with few accented punches of color feels as though it mirrors the nonprofit itself, working to add color and life to what can be a dark world.
  10. Best Friends Animal Society: “Save them all,” “Rescue your next pet” and “Give to the animals” display across pictures of animals in need or up for adoption on Best Friends’ website, who are devoted to ending animal euthanasia in shelters. These “billboards” are immediately followed by a donation widget, making it as easy as possible for potential donors to give to the cause. The site also makes following and sharing on social media incredibly easy with buttons both at the top and bottom, meaning visitors are more likely to stay connected with the charity after they leave the page.


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