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Derek Watson-  Derek is a native of Aztec, New Mexico and spent much of his early years on the football field.  After graduating from Aztec High School in 1999, Derek made his way to the University of New Mexico to become a student athlete on the UNM football team.  During his time at UNM, Derek focused his studies on anatomy and physiology.  After his time at the University of New Mexico, he began his involvement in the real estate world.  He spent years in the Albuquerque area working on various real estate transactions, which would be the foundation of his interest in the charitable giving of real estate.

Derek has since spent the last decade in the non-profit world, running two full time non-profits.  In addition, he, along with his family have educated thousands of people on how to launch their own non-profit organizations through their educational seminars.  They have also personally mentored hundreds of students throughout the years.

Derek has quickly established himself as a leader in the world of the charitable giving of real estate.  He has been featured at various war rooms and seminars around the country and continues to assist non-profits in acquiring real estate for their non-profit ventures.

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